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Red Suede Shoes

I put Red Suede Shoes on AO3!

For those of you who vaguely remember this, it was a Bandom GIrls Big Bang that I wrote in 2009 and panicked when it got scathing anon reviews. At the time I was terrified of causing a scandal,It's been 6 years though, so I give zero fucks about causing a scandal. I do give a fuck about triggering someone, so if I triggered someone or handled an issue badly, let me please know. I've made some light edits to try and curb some of the more problematic aspects.

Aug. 21st, 2012

Oh, Grimm.... Why  does your Season 2 opening credits look like a bad reality show on SciFi?  It would be better for Ghost Facers, not Grimm.


On healing

I feel really awful about some of the missteps I feel like I have made over my years in various fandoms. There are a lot of people I think I may have unintentionally hurt and some people who are still hurt about my actions. If you find I have done or made anything particularly offensive, please message me or comment to me or post a note on my AO3 page and I try my best to rectify the situation or if truly grievous, remove the fic. 

Like wise, If there is something you loved from me and want to see again or have always wanted to request something, or if you HAVE requested something and I never delivered, please let me know.

I kind of want to mend fences for Ramadan.  If we haven't talked in ten years or two days, lets get together and make merry. We can talk or text of IM or yell, or make weird faces at each other over skype of google talk or whatever you prefer.

Consider today a full amnesty day.  Full, full amnesty. anything you want to say or do can go and I shall reply with the respect and honesty that every human being deserves.

I'm nev-longbottom on tumblr, nev_longbottom on AO3, mimbulusmimbletonia on Dw, and gaffielabs on twitter.


Jun. 29th, 2012


I had my laptop break a while back and just got a new one. In the meantime I have been busy with my iPhone, daydreaming fics, hanging out on tumblr, and sending terrible phrases on to the twittersphere.  I'm nev-longbottom on tumblr and gaffielabs on twitter if you lot are curious on following me fannishly.

I have a very odd thing to report.  I managed to get my hands on a copy of the Avengers porn parody and guys, I won't lie to you, I cried from the feelings it gave me.  Here's why:

The Avengers porn parody feels like the smutty first chapter of an AO3 work in progress. There's soft mood music, touching scenes, surprisingly in-character dialogue, comic book canon, main characters who never take their clothes off, strong set-ups, surprise cameos from comics book, Thor being loud and indignant, and everything ends on a cliffhanger that had me and my BFF* screaming at the screen, and frantically googling to see if there was a Part Two available somewhere that we could buy and have delivered to us for watching.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND for fannish people

*BFF, for the curious, is a heterosexual cisgendered male who went to university for Film School and was utterly shocked at the amount of budget that was spent on A) CGI, B) special effects, and C) main characters who keep all their clothes on.

**I was also pleased at the level of language by the screenwriter because, honestly, who can pull off the use of 'auspicious' in a porn parody?  These people.

***We were only disappointed by Female SHIELD Agent (Utterly Terrible) and Hawkeye (Awful delivery of quips, but otherwise acceptable). BFF disliked Wanda Maximoff (fake?) but I argued for petulant and I liked her. Likewise, I disliked Black Widow (facial expressions), but BFF had too many feels, and flapped his hands at the sight of her looking touched.

****We fast forwarded through the sex scenes, pausing only to admire A) the costume budget, B) Nick Fury's trouser monster, C) the flexibility of certain actors, D) the make-up budget, and E) the make up artists thoroughness.

*****We were a bit embarrassed to realize that Disk Two had the non-porn version, and we could have skipped the entire awkward situation of being two BFF's fastforwarding porn together but whatever. That which does not kill us of embarassment, makes for excellent wedding toast material. I can't unsee it.

I was thinking about the modern disney movies that feel out of sync with the others when I sort of had this surreal moment (I blame my fever) and thought.

OH. That's why Aladdin feels like a Disney princess movie.  Because if you think about the classic princess movies of a nice sub finding a Princely Dom, then Aladdin fits in perfectly. As Aladdin is a nice male sub who finds and falls in love with a pretty Dom and spend the rest of the film trying to make her love him back. Very much a love story first and formost, withg a side of magical hijinks.

Someone talk to me about D/s Directional verse Disney Movies.

Dear South Park

You guys are giving me everything I could ever want. First you make Cartman ...
Spoilers!Collapse )

Thank you for being awesome.

PS. What the fuck, LJ Cut. What the actual fuck.

Drabble: Book of Korra/Mulan Fusion

Guess it's Avatar AU Week on my Livejournal. 

So..someone on tumblr put gifs of Mako and Bolin side by side with gifs of Mulan and Shang and said....hey, Mako's scarf? Pretty much identical to Shangs Cape, also watch how they move.  Mulan and Shang should be their parents in an AU.

So I made it happen.

“Hey, Bolin…If it’s not too weird, would you tell me about your parents,” Korra asked, keeping a careful eye on Mako across the gym floor.  “He always gets that constipated look when I mention them. Like there’s something else he wants to say.”

Bolin went still, dropping the Pro Bending equipment he had been repairing.  Korra had a flash of fear that she had over stepped when Bolin turned around with a huge smile.

“I’d love to talk about them. They were amazing!”  His hands moved around wildly as he talked. “Our parents were Earth Kingdom. They grew up during the restructuring of the Earth Kingdom systems, under King Bumi’s son the first Emperor.  Dad was a general in the army during the second invasion of the Hun District Rebel Army.  There was a conscription demanding a male from every family so Mom pretended to be a guy and joined the army. She ended up under Dad and they defeated the Hun army. Twice.”

Korra’s jaw dropped.  “Are you saying your parents were Ambassador Mulan Fa and General Shang? What are you guys even doing in Republic City? Shouldn’t you be living it up in Omashu?”

Bolin scratched the back of his neck.  “I was born here.  So was Mako.  We didn’t want to move to a tiny farm in another nation.  We wanted to stay here and the law says we can’t touch our inheritance until we’re seventeen.  That’s why Mako works. You know, I was too small to remember much about them but that’s why I have Pabu! He’s our family guardian.”

Pabu twitched his whiskers from his perch of Bolin’s shoulder.  Korra tried not to roll her eyes.  “Uh huh,” she said.  “That fire ferret is a fierce family guardian spirit.”

Bolin shrugged, making Pabu chirp in annoyance. “He’s shy around people. We’re lovers, not fighters.”

Drabble: A:TLA/Avengers Fusion


“Excuse me,” Coulson said politely.  “Commander Fury asked that we run this meeting without him.  We have disturbing reports about one of our top secret project items being stolen out of a remote bunker.”

He pulled a remote out of his lapel pocket and clicked it at the center of the table. A three dimensional hologram appears of a cruel eyes young woman in red Armani picket up a casket and walking out of a room full of scientists without attracting any attention. Katara wondered if it was just some kind of new technology being produced in Republic City.

“Is he doing that it again?” Toph snarled, “Screw you, Coulson. You really need to stop being an asshole about briefing me with pictures I can’t see.” She slammed her fist on the table and all the metal object in the room started to vibrate. 

“Watch it, Blind Bandit,” Katara said carefully. As much as she would love to tell off the billionaire inventor again, she couldn’t afford to lose her professionalism.  “Aang’s control over the Avatar is a little light right now  He’s had a bad morning.”

Aang mostly buried his head in his arms, head wavering between his usual pale skin color and the bright blue glow associated with the brutal, raging Avatar.  There was only so much Xanax they could give him while they adjusted him to the future.  They couldn’t afford for him to transform into the Avatar again and start destroying their base.

Zuko mumbled something quietly.  Zuko had been brought in from Ember Island. Katara’s hadn’t even seen him until the briefing. She’d only been told that he was Zuko, the God of Fire and Thunder which had to be a code name, just like how Suki Kiyoshi was codenamed  Tessen and her brother Sokka was codenamed Boomerang.

“You wanna say that again, Fire God Guy?” Sokka asked.

“That’s Azula.” Zuko repeated louder.  “My sister.  She was relocated from Asgaard by my Uncle for her safety. She had become a danger to herself and others. What is she doing theiving on Midgard? Ty Lee and Mai said they were in a healing facility on Vanaheim.”

Coulson smiled, “That’s your first assignment, Avengers.  Capture the Goddess of Lightning and bring her in for questioning. Commander Fury expect you to work together. Captain North, you’re in charge. Good luck.”

Katara looked at the other Avengers in the room and clutched her blue shield for luck. This was going to be impossible, even for a super soldier like her.

WIP Meme

1. Go to page 77 (or 7, or just hit pagedown 7 times) of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written.

1)American Gods fusedThor Fic

Tony raised his eyebrows and glaced over to the refreshments table, surrounded by a discrete pair of service agents.  “I’m impressed. I didn’t taste a thing. Vodka?”

She glanced over at the dance floor, enjoying the hints of confusion on people’s faces.  “Oh no.  Sodium amytal.  Why use alcohol when SHIELD keeps truth serum in such easy foraged cabinets?”

Tony briefly looked shocked before it gave way to impressed.  “Where has Coulson been hiding you? Come on, let’s get out of this place and have some fun.”

2)1001 Bandom Nights

The djinn used the second wish to build himself a human form so that he might better enjoy observing his creations, who were bound to live lives of suffering.  He had expected that their gifts would lead to misery for themselves and their parents, but it turned out he was wrong. The djinn had not known that life itself is a curse gift that gives delight and despair in equal measure, as much as the universe can spare.  Though he had meant to entertain himself, twisting such a purehearted wish harmed only himself. The djinn was forced to experience all the curse gifts of mortality and he was cast out from his tribe.”  

When Nick leaned back at the end of the story, Bob was startled to notice that the moon had risen.  He hadn’t noticed the time at all.  “What happened to the kids?”

James shook his head, “That’s not how it works.  He told us a story. Now we have to tell a story of our own.  We can ask after the third cup of tea.”

3)Clint/Darcy for the knotting!challenge on /report

“I’m gonna stop you right there,” Darcy said, holding up a hand.  “We totally covered this is sex ed.  Tab A goes in Slot B and always use a condom.”

Uncle Eddie crossed his arms and looked down at her, mouth curling to the side. “They covered Alpha, Beta, and Omega Blutbad sexual genders in a human sex ed class?”

Darcy’s brain blanked out but she smiled wide and tried to fake her way through it.  “Yeah, the Pitcher and Catcher and the, um, Point Guard, right?” She nodded knowingly until Uncle Eddie started snickering.

4)Sequel to "Luthor Family Values"

Lex wondered if any of those children had parents or if they were the legacies of the League. If their own parents had been the ones to drag them into lives of blood and violence.  He knew consciously that as long as there were people like the Joker, people unscrupulous to use Kryptonians as brainwashed attack dogs, he couldn’t stop dismantling the superhero-supervillain system.    As long as there were people like Ra’s al Ghul and Klarion, Lex couldn’t stop until he pulled the entire world apart and reassembled it with child safety locks for Conner.  

He wondered when he had gone from being his father to being a parent.  “Kids?”

The children looked over to them from where they were waiting.  “If any of you would like to spend the holidays, you are welcome to join us at the Luthor Manor in Smallville, Kansas. "

5) tentatively titled "Arthur grew up on a steady diet of somnacin with two fresh graves"

Mallorie smirked, sipping from her usual cafe au lait before launching into a tale of her own sexual prowess.  It was wonderful to Arthur, the way that Mal hadn’t changed since the first time they met in school.  Arthur didn’t remember a time without her at their private nursery.  Neither of them knew a lick of Spanish when they met though thankfully Mallorie knew a little English from her father and Arthur knew a bit of french from his mother.  They spent most of their childhood clinging to each other and speaking a nonsensical mix of languages.  By the time they started at the Collegio Britanico Nacional,  they were always referred to as a pair by their classmates and families, Mal-y-Arturo, Mal-and-Artie, and Mallorie-et-Arthur.  When he looked at her, Arthur saw the same  scowling teenager who had clawed at Jeremy Simmons face for calling Arthur una marika, and the same four year old girl who talked Arthur into cutting off all her hair and sticking it in a teddy bear for safe keeping.  

6) I Dream of Jeanie fanfiction.
“Pickled beets. You love pickled beets.” TJ’s voice cracked.  “You said you feel in love with them in Baghdad.”  His hand gripped the edge of the kitchen table.  “Don’t you remember?”

Tony pinched the bridge of his nose.  “That’s a nice joke, sport.  You know I’ve never gone to Baghdad. I’ve never even left the state.” He watched TJ shrink in on himself a little, and regretted it. “I’ve been having too much fun hanging out with you. Who wants to see some dumb city when we’re having all this fun? 

7)Teen Wolf hand fic soul bond angst?
Only reality didn’t turn out like that. When Scott was bitten by the Alpha, Allison’s name disappeared.  When Allison showed up at school, she had a burn scar on the back of her hand where her bonded’s name should be.  Scott knew beyond a doubt that someone that brave, and strong, and beautiful and perfect had to be his other half.  He wasn’t sure if she did though

“My aunt dropped some oil on my hand when I was a kid.  I thought it was an accident at the time,” Allison looked down at her hand.  She started to say something else and then bit her lip.

Mar. 12th, 2012


I'm working on a story I once called 1000 & 1 Bandom Nights but should really be called something akin to "American Gods and Drummers". Its a roadtrip and a wish granting and a romance and a tragedy.

Im pretty determined to finish this. Its just got to go through a couple more drafts. I wish i could have worked with an illustrator or artist but things happen. Words will take me a while to paint with, but they will do.

And its Bob/Ryan. Two years without bandom fic and i am going to release this? I hope it wont be a disaster

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My SLO award from Slashreport

Look! It's my trophy!

ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THE TEARS

Empires first lost Al, a very cool mellow bassist, and now Ryan Luciana, their drummer, their very fabulous drummer, is 'Moving on to other projects"


Bandom has the worst heartbreak. The worst.
I don't know if the Avengers can top this.  This felt - earnest. Real.  Like watching my best friends and me stumble across the same thing. Like everything they did made sense. The relationships felt real. I get Andrew. I get Steve. In a weird way, I even get Matt even thought I wanted to groan and roll my eyes every time he did his thing

I spent most of this movie with my hand over my heart.  I reached into the collar of my shirt and had to press my skin over my heart to remind myself this is a movie. This isn't a home movie I'm watching with my friends of stupid things we did. These aren't y buddies in High School. 

I wanted to scream with the characters. I wanted to cry and laugh and shriek and hell, I wanted to hook up with their love interests too. I connected with those people in ways I didn't expect and left shaking because it felt like this was something we had witnessed in person. Like there was no end to it because we were watching it happen.  Instead of feeling like a bigger than life escape from reality it felt like. Reality.

I stood there until the credits rolled in case there was additional footage and even then, even after the credits rolled, I read the disclaimer on the scene and shook and had to be pulled out when the screen went black because even with the light coming up, I couldn't believe that was it. I knew it was concluded but I couldn't comprehend that I wouldn't see those characters again.

If you have any stomach at all for the "Found Footage" genre. See this movie. There will be no regrets.

Writer's Block: ONTD Games Giveaway


Which video game character would you like to have as your real-life BFF?

One random response will win a $60 Amazon gift card! [Full contest rules here.]

Don't forget to share your favorite gamer moments on ontdgames at 3 p.m. PST for Free For All Friday (FFAF).

View 1535 Answers

This is utterly terrible, I'm sure, but I think I'd love to have Arkham City's The Joker as my BFF.  There's a great sense in security knowing the madman out to get everyone else is your best friend and wants the best for you in his heart.  Also, he's such a conniving genius that board games would be the best!

Oh, Bandom

Who would have guess that Gym Class Heroes would have outlived the bandom bands?  With the exception of one member, why back before Decaydance, they've been together the longest as is.  Them and Cobra Starship.


Also, the Hush Sound are playing reunion shows in Chicago, with Empires opening for them. This is torture. Emotional TORTURE to know they will be  playing Like Vines from start to finish, and a fanset playlist on another night. Both in February.

One day, I'll spend my birthday disappearing into a foreign city, like a forger on an extraction team, and I 'll slip away into the dust, to have a beautiful adventure so stunning only I could have possibly witnessed it.

Kindle? Anyone?

I received a gift of a Kindle for Christmas. I love my nook but I figured, hey, free giftcard, I'll buy some books and it'll be sweet

And it was pretty good? Awesome really for people who hate touch screens, but I find it fannishly unfriendly? Not suitable for storing hundreds of fanfics anyway. 

Also it has ads. Nothing gives me more unbridled rage than advertisements.

If anyone wants it, make me an offer, other wise, it's going to be lightly used and mostly loathed.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays


Which December holidays do you celebrate, and why?

One random answer will win a $50 Amazon gift card. [Details here]

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Alaakan drunks....tend to do this


Stranger: thanks
Me: sure
Stranger: wanna get married?
Me: no
Stranger: *baffles* why not?
Me: i dont like guys.
Stranger: *baffled* then why you like me
Me: i dont
Stranger: oh.

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On 52 and DCU


I just finished the first issue of batman and robin and i want to say that i am in tears. The more i see of the new 52 the more it becomes. Clear that they have essentially erased all the women with 'complicated backstories and kept those they considered acceptable. Everyone keeps their history except the people they considered problematic. I am talking about

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Title: Luthor Family Values
Rated: G
Summary:  Lex sues for custody of Superboy.  A comedy about family.
Available on LJ and AO3

Are you here to cause structural damage or have you finally decided to pay child support?Collapse )

Beta for young justice mini fic


I seek one? I posted this quickfill yester that felt too short? So its a little longer now and I would appreciate someone else giving it a lookover. It's a humor piece from Lex's POV. I guess a summary would read Lex sues the Justice League for custody of Superboy. In which Lex is a nerd, Superman is suspicious, Lionel is disappointed, and Superboy does not understand. any help is much appreciated.

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First time with a fully free free weekend so I've caught up on The Secret Circle and holy shit. Sometimes I think I'm watching "Xena and Gabrielle:Witches Resurection" because that Cassie and Faye have way too many smoldering moments with each other, let alone other characters.  LOL, I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING THERE WRITERS. I'M ALL IN.

Arthur and Eames as two spambots in love.

Aug. 16th, 2011

I need to GTF out of my grandma's. House sitting for her is taking me out by degrees.  Every night I've slept at her house, I have these frustratingly boring dreams that I wake myself out of.  It used to be once or twice a night but now with all the sleep debt I'm accumulating, the count is way higher. I've been spending a couple nights a week at friend's houses to keep myself together, but after three weeks of this, I caved and went home in between my job shifts. 

I slept through FOUR alarms and got to work late.  /is dead.

Description of my schedule hereCollapse )
Even that's not so bad, but when you fact in the sleeping or the way my subconcious has decided to assimilate Inception rules as fast as is humanly possible, it gets exhausting.  Plus, there is my favorite and most exhausting holiday going on: Ramadan.

I've never used the Ramadan exemption for travelers before, but this time, I'm caving because my life does in fact involve more than 24 kilometers of travel every day.  Since I have one day to run any errands that aren't on my daily routes, I usually end up running around then too.

I'm half-way through a BBB beta and I think I'm just going to make loads of coffee tonight and finish it. it's been a week of staring blearily at it on googledocs through four different computers four times a day at different times a day for five minutes.  At one point, I think I caught myself typing a maintenance request in my notes where my feedback would be and emailing my feedback to the janitors.  This was very confusing for the janitors because I am a line beta, so they essentially got an polite email about grammar suggestions in suggestive scenes, with a reminder about present tense and past tense.   They took it very well, as I have accidentally emailed them poems and chat conversations by mistake instead of the actual request.  :)


Cry more, emo kid

"Are we friends?" Brendon asks finally, and that's not the question he was going to ask. It really isn't, because he doesn't want to know if the answer doesn't go in his favor.

"Brendon," Spencer says, patiently, and Brendon is holding on to his coke can really tightly, "are you a complete fucking idiot?"

"Pretty much," Brendon says, but he still doesn't know the answer. "Are we, though?"

Spencer stops spinning, feet flat on the ground to stop the movement. "Yes," he says finally. "Just in case you hadn't gotten it, you know, asking you to be in our band and keeping you around and shit. Yeah."

"Right," Brendon says, and he lies back against the slide, staring up at the sky. The next thing he knows, Spencer's standing over him, bending down and shaking him by the ankle.

"You really didn't know?"

Brendon shakes his head. "Sometimes I trust the wrong people." -
If Music Be The Food of Love bysunsetmog 

I don't know about you, but that right there was basically me for years, only without a Spencer.  I'm pretty damn grateful for the friends I have now, and to you guys, I say I love you.

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